Corporate & Commercial

Together, the Firm’s lawyers have over 90 years of experience handling complex corporate and commercial litigation and transactional matters, both in Delaware and around the country.


The Firm’s lawyers have appeared in all State and Federal Courts in the State of Delaware, including substantial trial and appellate experience.

PWUJ has extensive experience litigating business disputes in the Delaware Court of Chancery on behalf of both public and private Delaware corporations, alternative entities and their constituent stockholders, members, managers, directors and officers, including class and derivative actions, injunction practice, merger and acquisition, fiduciary duty, insurance, employment related trade secret and non-compete disputes, and other expedited matters, as well as in trust and estate litigation, guardianship and ad litem matters.

The Firm has handled numerous actions under the statutory authority of the Delaware General Corporation Law and the Delaware alternative entity acts, including, among others:

  • Appraisals
  • Books and record demands under 8 Del. C. §220, 6 Del. C. §17-305 and 6 Del. C. §18-305
  • Dissolution
  • Advancement and indemnification
  • Control contests
  • Actions to compel annual stockholder meetings

PWUJ also handles corporate and commercial matters in the other Delaware major courts: the Superior Court (including the Complex Commercial Litigation Division (“CCLD”)), the U.S. District Court, and the Delaware Bankruptcy Court, including breach of contract actions, employment related disputes, common law fraud, post-closing breaches of representations and warranties, other business torts, intellectual property and insurance coverage disputes, as well as bankruptcy-related litigation, including on behalf of debtors and creditors, creditor committees, directors and officers, and other constituents of the debtor in preference, fraudulent transfer, breach of duty and other claims.